Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last First Week

This has got to be the first year that I think I have been completely unexcited for school to start. Maybe it's because it's my last year.

Or perhaps it's just because I'm completely burnt out.

Or it could be this massive amount of required books that I will be reading:

(and that's minus 2 that I haven't bought yet)

Mostly I think it's because now that I am married, I feel even more ready for a regular job and am just tired of all the perpetual running around.

I hate the maze of parking on campus, speeding in zig-zags up the parking structure followed by the 20 minute walk into campus. Then there's the darting between large groups of students and maneuvering past the overzealous sorority and fraternity booths arriving barely on time, sweating and annoyed, only to end up sitting on the floor thanks to overcrowding in all state school classes these days. Because I am actually enrolled in all of my classes and not attempting to crash, I should tell the wait-listed people to just get out of my seat. But I'm nice, so I sit on the floor. In a dress. Awesome.

Then after the rest of my chaotic day and responsibilities, I arrive home frazzled and tired with a mountain of reading to do. Including middle English and obscure Norse mythology, no less.

Luckily, my husband is understanding of all of this and will continue to be understanding as I claw my way through these last 9 months of school.

So goodbye last first week of school – You won't be missed.

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