Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a Difference Some Zumba Makes

My name is Kellie, and I think I am a zumbaholic.... I kid.

No, but really... I have never found an exercize that makes me feel so good afterward. Usually I can barely make it through a class and then I end up so sore that I can't move for days afterward. Which inevitably leaves me not wanting to go back. But zumba, ZUMBA is different! Some people will laugh and say it's this generation's jazzercize, but so what if it is! I embrace this generation's jazzercize, then. What's so great about it is that anyone can do it - big, small and everything in between, it is completely fun, and you burn 400-800 calories depending on the class and instructor. There is nothing else I can say I do that burns that many calories where I have that much fun! And I just feel so good afterward. My body is happy. I was telling Chris tonight, that if an exercize can make me still want to go to it after a 10 hour day of work, school and teaching, then it must be something special. And that's exactly what I did, today. Now it's almost midnight and I still feel great! Plus tonight, Alex shared a motivating story about a girl in class who lost 16 pants sizes from doing zumba.  It's such a supportive and fun environment, I love it!

Thanks to the instructors at Sacramento 24 Hour Fitness for teaching awesome, motivating and FUN classes every week., Alex and Ingrid - I highly recommend both to anyone with a 24 hour fitness membership in our area! And I am making it a goal for my self to try to make it to 3 zumba classes each week. Even with how crazy my schedule is with work, school, internships, more work and more school - I always will find some room for Zumba....and a little softball.

Zumba Love. <3 What, What!! :-)