Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Less Than Ideal -- But Still PERFECT Christmas

I must confess, I unfortunately have a habit every single year of wanting everything about Christmas to be PERFECT. I want the decorations up when I want them up. I want to watch all of my Christmas movies, I want to bake the cookies, make the candy, see the lights, buy the perfect gifts, do everything perfectly. That's just the neurotic perfectionist in me.

But there's one thing that I have finally learned recently: Things don't always work out perfectly. Things go wrong. Things go very, very wrong. Pay cuts happen. Furloughs happen. Cars break. Kitters gets sick. Sometimes you get snowed in trying to get from one parents house to the other at Christmas. Sometimes you burn the cookies or the rum balls come out so ridiculously alcoholic that you can't eat them. Thanks Food Network for that, by the way. But as my dad has always told me, it could ALWAYS be worse. So so so much worse. It's all relevant of your own problems and stresses always seem like they are the worst. But honestly, they aren't. And so I have learned this year to be thankful for the imperfect Christmas.

My decorations usually go up mid-November, and I do my own Christmas thing mid-November while everyone gives me the “you're crazy” looks. Minus my good friend Karen who is unfortunately not in the country this year for the holidays. But instead this year because of the multitude of out-of-town weekends in November, our decorations didn't go up until Thanksgiving weekend. (Like normal people) But what was nice about that is that my husband actually helped me decorate the tree. So that made doing the decorating even better!

I also confess that my love language is gifts – giving. getting, the whole lot. It's what makes me feel love and also how I show love. But mostly, I love giving them. I remember being a little kid and I would “make” little notepads out of torn up sheets of yellow paper stapled together and then wrap them up as gifts. I love finding that perfect gift. But this year, with furlough type situations at our jobs, my lack of income as I'm still finishing school, and us being I guess you'd say the “quintessential married couple just starting out” - I'm having to be a lot more creative this year than in previous years. And it's taking all self control to not go overboard on presents for family and friends like I normally do. But that's okay. I'm actually excited about the creative ideas I've come up with for some gifts. Gifts are not what Christmas is about. Love, Kindness and Family – thats what's important!!

And while I'm seriously overly caffeinated trying to get through these last weeks of school, there are so many things about this season to look forward to – as imperfect as it all may be!

  • One of my closest friends is moving back to Sacramento!!  <3 you Jess!
  • Chris and I will actually have pretty close to two weeks off together around the holidays.  Which hasn't happened since our wedding.  Though we will be broke, we will be together, and we will be able to visit with friends and family that we haven't been able to in a long time.
  • I still look forward to my multiple Zumba classes every single week because I know I am healthier and happier than I have ever been because of them, and I have the motivation now to stay that way.  Shout out to Zumba with Alex @ 24 Hour Fitness <3
  • We will be having a fun get together to go look at Christmas lights on Dec. 22!!

And so much more!!  Cookies, Candy making, Christmas movies, board games, cheap wine, eggnog and brandy, hot chocolate, ice skating (thanks to groupon) and lots of fun!

I am so thankful for the family, extended family and friends I have been given, the wonderful husband who I have found.  I don't know where I would be without him.  We keep each other strong.  I love the place where I live, my life and all of the great people I have come to know over all these years. I love you ALL and I hope you are able to look past the neuroses and stress of your Christmas plans and just enjoy the imperfection of it all. 

Now there are so many great Christmas quotes from movies and songs, but
my favorite one of all is:

“Remember, No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends!”  - It's a Wonderful Life

Happy Holidays!!!