Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I Love Right Now

"Optimism is the foundation of courage" -- Nicholas Murray Butler

Things I Love Right Now
  •  Shopping With My Best Friend on Friday
  •  My Strep Throat is almost gone, which means I can get back to Zumba and Yoga SOON
  • Per Above, I get to go back to softball today!
  • Wedding Thank You cards were finally sent yesterday
  • Harry Potter 1,2 and 3 done in my efforts to re-read all of the books before the new movie in November. 

And my Number ONE:

Even though my husband found out he didn't get his top job choice last night, rather than being down about it, he started researching other options immediately.  It makes me prouder than I can say.  No matter what obstacles we get hurdled at us, all we can do is "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming..." and keep working and keep trying and we will come out stronger on the other side of it all.

"Maybe all the plans we made might not work out,
but I have no doubt, even though it's hard to see, I've got faith in us, I believe in You and Me.

-- "Hold On" By Michael Buble     <-- Our Song

Love you, Chris.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enjoying the Journey

“Enjoy all you have, while pursuing all you want.” --Jim Rohn

Isn't perhaps the biggest cliché in the world that we rush from one thing to the next while not stopping to enjoy life as it's happening?

Well, funny thing about a cliché is that....often it's true.

In the last year leading up to our wedding, everything was so focused on just getting to that one goal, that we may not have stopped to enjoy the time as it was passing. If we could just get to that one goal, everything would be great. Granted, a lot of that pre-wedding time was extremely stressful and I can't say that I am sad to have missed parts of it. But in the end, the day was perfectly perfect and completely worth it.

See a slide show of our beautiful wedding here.

But now it seems we are just working towards more future plans – my graduation, his new job, my future new job after graduation, eventually moving out of Sacramento, getting out of debt – and even further down the line -- kids and buying a house.

And while all of those things are wonderful things to look forward to...I am making a promise to myself that I am still going to enjoy all of the things leading up to those goals. You only get one first year of marriage and one last year of college. And I don't plan on missing either of them.

I can't promise that some future goals, hopes, dreams and things I am looking forward to won't sneak in to this blog here and there. But here is my conscious and accountable effort to the enjoy day to day.