Thursday, September 16, 2010

TV Premiere Week

End of September...and what does that mean? 
Football - yes, Fall weather – yes 

But all the TV shows are coming back!

Now I know some people who read this are going to think I watch WAY too much TV. But you don't know my family. I am on the light side compared to most of them.

The TV shows that I am the most excited for are:

Boardwalk Empire
New series starting on HBO about the 1920's during prohibition. Gonna give it a shot.

Castle became quickly one of my favorite shows last season. The reparte between Castle and Beckett is priceless!


Maybe it's the band kid / drama kid part of me from back in the day or maybe it's just how outrageous glee can be sometimes, but it always makes me laugh.

Modern Family
I LOVE Modern Family. Maybe it's because I'm a perfectionist like the wife, or just how hilarious this show is. Best ½ hour comedy on TV today!

Sh*t My Dad Says
While most people will always see William Shatner as Captain Kirk, I'm always going to see him as Denny Crane. I still watch the Boston Legal re-runs on the weekend. But I am interested to see how Shatner is as the dad in this new series. Though, I don't think it can top Modern Family for best comedy.

Grey's Anatomy
No matter how much they change it or what people say, I will always be a Grey's Anatomy die-hard. I've watched it since the very first episode. What season are we on now? 7? With Grey's you always think that they just can't quite top the previous year's season finale...and then they do. And last season sure was a big one. The aftermath of it should be interesting.

Private Practice
Private Practice is like Grey's Anatomy's stepsister. Same writers, different characters. Last season's episodes were neck and neck with Grey's right until the end. Dell's death, though I predicted it, was really sad. And we all want to see what happens with Addison and Sam!

Last year's finale of Medium was kind of an odd one, but this is the only “crime solving” type show I watch anymore. Wondering how it's going to work with the oldest daughter in college now...

Ohhh Dexter! After last year's crazy ending with Rita in a bath of blood, these season is sure to be another great one. I mean he's a serial killer, but only kills bad guys! It's just awesome. Can't wait.

What TV shows are YOU looking forward to?

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