Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Wonderfully Normal Weekend

What a productive weekend. Productive in a way that kind of makes me sad...and that's only because I miss weekends like this and they just don't happen during the semester. And the dreaded semester is closing in on me. So thank god this is the last one starting here in a few weeks. Insert sigh scream of relief.

This weekend, I spent a quiet Friday evening by myself watching movies. Saturday I have to say was the most productive, I started out by going to both zumba and body pump at the gym. And although getting up before 7am on a Saturday morning was terribly hard to do, it was most definitely worth it. Not being able to hold up my hair dryer this morning proves it! Then I spent some birthday money buying two new pairs of smaller jeans - Thanks Zumba! - as well as some super on sale shoes. :-) I finished my afternoon by visiting both whole foods and trader joes for groceries, cleaning the house, and making dinner for my lovely husband. Here I also discovered my new favorite snack - sourdough toast with marscapone cheese and honey. Yum! These may seem like mundane things to most people, but because my weekends are typically filled with unimaginable amounts of homework and overall busyness, sometimes it's just nice to be mundane once in a while. We also watched Paranomal Activity...which I have to say wasn't all that scary. Fourth Kind was much scarier...Paranormal just got all the hype.

Sunday including cleaning out and organizing a closet that was LONG overdue, laundry, a Degrassi marathon (only my childhood friends get the excitement of this), a little bit of studying for the government exam I am trying to take to pass out of a class for next semester, followed by cooking dinner with the hubby, Pinkberry and watching the new showtime show - Shameless - which we both think is going to be a good show. :-)

So there you have it, boring as it may sound, it was just nice to feel like a normal person having a normal, but lovely weekend.

Now this week it's on to the new job - 3rd job that is - and then 2 weeks till back to school.

Also on the schedule: seeing two friends I haven't seen in a while, one for cooking together, one for ice skating. Girls night in - fondue included Friday! Then dinner out and seeing Blue Valentine with Chris Saturday, and Sunday going to SF for a meeting and lunch with daddy.

Busy but fun week, here we go!


  1. Your weekend sounds similar to my weekend! I love a good mix of cleaning/being productive and watching movies/being lazy. Here's to hoping this next weekend goes by sloooooowly ;)

  2. Amen to that! And sooo sorry to hear about your car. :( That has happened to my husband twice. Fixing car windows is expensive!