Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Recap

So, though the Golden Globes are not quite the affair party that the Academy Awards are at our house, it's still always fun to watch the awards and it also gives us a heads up for what/who is likely to show up next week as Oscar nominees. So take note friends who attend our annual Oscar's Party every year. Here are my thoughts/predictions:
Best Actress - Last night this went to Natalie Portman for Black Swan. I believe she will also easily take the Oscar for it. Though, she will probably be joined in nomination by Annette Benning from The Kids are All Right and Michelle Williams from Blue Valentine who also were excellent.

Best Actor - This one went to Colin Firth last night for King's Speech. Though he did a wonderful job in this movie as King George with a speech impediment, I also think Ryan Gosling was fantastic in Blue Valentine, and this may be a toss up at the Oscars. 

Best Supporting Actor - As I predicted, Christian Bale got this for his great performance as a crack addict in The Fighter. Geoffrey Rush was great in the King's Speech, but I really do believe Bale will also get the Oscar.

Best Supporting Actress - Melissa Leo got this for her role as the mother in The Fighter. But I think Mila Kunis was equally fantastic in Black Swan, so this may also be a toss up at the Oscars.

Best Director - Oddly, Social Network swept Director, Screenplay, and best drama at the Globes. While I thought it was a good movie, I was suprised it took this many considering what it was up against. I believe it will be different at the Oscars. Most likely going to Black Swan or The Fighter.

Screenplay - I agree with my dad on this one, the writer of The King's Speech really should take this one for the Oscars. He had to wait SO many years to have this movie made because the King's Family did not want his story shared until after death.

Best Score/Song - I don't have a huge opinion on this one...but I think that Inception's score by Hans Zimmer was probably better than Social Network's. But I plan to watch Social Network again before the Oscars. Song, Diane Warren may take it again for Burlesque.

The Special Effects Catagories (Cinematography, Sound Editing, Visual Effects, Etc.) - I imagine a lot of these catagories will go to Inception.

Best Animated Film - Toy Story 3 was fantastic and should definitely get the Oscar as well. No matter your age, you have to see Toy Story 3!

Best Picture - This, I was very shocked again went to Social Network. Maybe it was because Fighter, King's Speech, and Black Swan were all based more on the acting roles than the movie/storyline as a whole? I think that Blue Valentine also should have entered this catagory. Maybe it will for the Oscars. It's a really tough call this year because there were so many excellent movies! Also, last year there were 10 best picture nominees I believe, so if they do this again, I'm sure we will see movies like The Town, The Kids are All Right and Blue Valentine on the list.

As far as TV shows went at the Oscars, I'm glad that Glee got several nods and that Laura Linney won for Big C.

Movies I Recommend You Should See Before The Oscars!

In Theaters:
Black Swan

King's Speech

The Fighter

Blue Valentine

To Rent:
Social Network


Toy Story 3

The Town

The Kids are All Right

Movies I haven't seen but would like to before the Oscars:

Another Year

Rabbit Hole

Casino Jack

127 Hours

Nominations are next Tuesday 1/25 Morning!

And the 83rd Annual Academy Awards air Sunday, February 27th!

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