Sunday, March 13, 2011

To The Future

"Don't fear the long road, cause on the long road, you got a long time to sing a simple song - sing along"  - Michael Franti

Sometimes it takes getting rid of a negative force in your life to appreciate all of the supportive and positive ones. That has been what this weekend was about for me. While the negative force was lifted from my shoulders, I was able to again be reminded to appreciate some very supportive friends, my amazing family, and my wonderful husband.

And now here, at a huge precipice for my immediate family's lives, as well as my husband and I's own lives, I have complete faith that we are all going to come through it all on the other side, as stronger and much happier people.

While my family said goodbye to our childhood house this weekend...we also said hello to a new era. While we said goodbye to the vessel that housed our hundreds of memories, we also promised to keep those memories in our minds forever. My dad said as I was leaving the house, “You came in at age 10, and you're leaving with your wedding dress.” Ain't that the truth. Going into that house, I was a kid, leaving that house I am an adult. And so is my brother. So mom and dad, while that house was an important chapter, it wasn't the only chapter of our lives. You have raised two children who have grown up to learn to make their own choices and to surround themselves with only the best of people. Now onward to bigger and better things, we all four go.

And with Chris leaving for his eight week long training in Delaware next week, we too are on a precipice, but a precipice of what will surely be a great life together. And I find that now, more than ever am I secure in the absolutely ironclad strength of our love and bond.

Here's to the future!

 "The future is always beginning now."  ~Mark Strand

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  1. Aww...I'll miss that house and always cherish the memories I had with our Truckee group. :-)