Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1 Day Down, 52 To Go

So Chris headed off to Delaware for his 8 week training on Sunday. In the rainy, windy 4am darkness at the airport, we had to say a very sad goodbye for 8 long weeks. Considering we have never been apart for more than a week in the 4 1/2 years we've been together...these two months are going to be hard. But like any other hard times that have been thrown at our relationship over the years, we will get through them!  No problem.

The good news is that the 52 day countdown also signals when I will be DONE with college. Completely done! So while there will be times during these two months where I am absolutely depressed, the end product will be wonderful.

But really, to get through this time, I am going to have to do my absolute best to keep a positive outlook, or as Ashlee would say -->  Choose Joy.

So here are some joyful things right now:

- I get to see 3 friends this week that I haven't seen in a LONG time! Plus my biweekly Fin's Fish Friday date with Stephanie!

- I get to visit with a ton family this weekend in Fresno, including parents, grandpa, tons of cousins and my cousin's new 10 week old baby.

- I hopefully get my new kitten! My cousin's cat had babies, and if they are ready to go, I get to take mine home. (Hopefully him and our adopted Abby-Bunny cat will make friends.)

- It's spring break, so I am not pressed for schoolwork this week.

- My new zumba shoes come in the mail tomorrow!

- And finally, look at the ADORABLE key pendants I bought on Etsy just now for only $7!  

Please let the joyful things make these 52 days go by at lighting speed!


  1. Joy! What a wonderful thing to choose! I love your blog and I hope that the next two months fly by so you can celebrate graduation and Chris' new job. Love ya!

  2. Good luck Kellie! Those two months will be over before you know it, Chris'll be back, and you'll be done with school! It's great that you're focusing on the good things to come. Does all this mean you are going to write more? :)