Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Summer

In the midst of graduation party planning last week I started thinking, I want to take a minute to reflect on what is finally the beginning of summer. (Or what should be the beginning of summer, if the weather stays at its normal temperatures) Regardless of it being the end of my college career summer or just any other summer, right at the beginning there is always a tinge of excitement for all of the summer plans to be. Barbeques, River trips, camping, beach trips, summer reading, baseball games, etc. But then somehow, the summer seems to get away from us and we’re suddenly looking September in the eye wondering what happened to all of those plans and goals, and how 14 weeks went by so fast. So before Labor Day comes up behind us and takes summer away, being the perpetual list maker that I am, I decided to make a conscious effort to figure out what exactly I DO want to accomplish, and see how well I can stick to it.

Let’s start with summer goals, as lofty as they may sound, I think I am - for the most part – capable of them:

- Read at least 8 books. Now that “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue” have put me back into the swing of reading, AND since I don’t have any more school reading…I think 8 books in 14 weeks is pretty doable. Nearly one down already. More to come on what the rest of those books may be…

- Write 100 pages. Because writing, like playing an instrument, requires practice. I have made it a goal to wake up a half hour early everyday and write before work.

- Update my blog more frequently. I hope to have some new blog features in addition to ‘Music Mondays’ coming up soon.

- Go to the gym at least 3x a week (Zumba/BodyPump/Yoga, etc). This is already a goal that I am fairly consistent with…but the craziness of the last month has left me slacking. Not to mention the fact that I now spend 35 hours a week at a desk instead of walking around campus…my exercise surely will have to increase.

Second, trips – most of which I hope to accomplish with my now free train riding capabilities:

- Get down to Fresno to see my family at least twice. I’ll hope for more. But twice in three months may be all I can do.

- A few trips to see my good friend Annie who lives near Santa Cruz. I’ve been seriously craving the ocean for the last few months, and a couple trips definitely need to happen this summer! <3 First one: Memorial Day Weekend
- A few trips to San Francisco to see my best friend, Natalie, of course. Including shopping, Green Apple Bookstore going, sushi and maybe even a Giants game. 
- I hope to also make a trip up to Portland to see my friend Kristin who moved up there last year. It’s an 8 hour train ride…but at least that leaves for lots of reading time!

Third, Fun Events - including, but not limited to:

- Train Concert at Thunder Valley in July!! (Possibly Doobie Brothers and Huey Lewis here as well)

- The State Fair

- Water park(s) – we always say we will do this…but typically, it tends to fall by the wayside.

- Multiple river trips to get our money’s worth on the awesome raft we got from Costco

- The FINAL Harry Potter movie!

- At least one of the 2nd Saturday Artwalks

Sacramento Wine and Dine Week – going on now!

I'll be happy if even part of all of these things happen.  So here's to summer!
What are your plans?

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