Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Missing Focus

I think I have completely lost my ability to focus on one solitary task. I literally have to continuously be focused on more than one thing or I get freaked out that I should be doing something else. In fact while working on this post, I have already glanced at my day planner once twice and opened up facebook.

Now I am not sure whether this collapse in my single task powers has to do with the overwhelming additions in technology and social networking over the years or whether it's the fact that I have been doing school while focusing on not one, not two, but three jobs. One of which requires a lot of coordinating and scheduling. So my brain is on permanent disconnect when it comes to working or focusing on only one thing.

When I harness my multitasking powers for good – I get a lot done. But there are other times when they are just plain distracting.

Maybe being cut to just two jobs - it's sad that 48 hours a week is going to seem like a break – and no more school this summer will also help my single task skills return. Here's hoping.

And here's to dreaming of summer road trips,outdoor summer concerts, rafting, farmers markets, reading books of my own choosing and no more school!

1 comment:

  1. I don't know...all I have is the one job and I multitask like crazy, too. I blame it on technology!

    Hey, and if you ever need a buddy for those AMAZING summer activities, gimme a heads-up!