Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Death By Easter Candy

I have to say…if there’s one season that’s the best worst for candy, it would have to be now – Easter time.  Sure, there’s the candy corn at Halloween and all of those extra candies and baked goods around Christmas time but nothing compares to Cadbury eggs and jelly beans.  They are absolute kryptonite for me.  It doesn’t help my compulsion that my co-worker at one of my jobs tends to always have those little suckers hanging around at this time of year.  Though, they have been conspicuously absent at work, thus far.  But that hasn’t stopped me from still managing to sneak an egg here, a bag of jelly beans there hidden among my other much healthier groceries.  Nor does it help that Easter candy season just happens to coincide with Girl Scout cookie season.  Or the fact that every other candy company (ahem, Sees) shapes their regular candy into cute little Easter shapes just screaming – buy me!  Good marketing on their part. 
Now, as some weeks my gym routine suffers due to the over-the-top busy schedule of this final semester, and the fact that sometimes - I just can’t do it all, so wish me luck in resisting those damn Easter treats during my shopping this afternoon.  Will power inevitably will fail.  But that’s okay.  Back on the gym going, zumba dancing, bodypump doing, softball playing wagon next week.  I needed a rest.   

And some chocolate.

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