Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Countdowns and Books


12 days until I start my last year of college

30 days until we leave for the Monterey Jazz Festival!

129 days until Christmas :) - yes, I'm counting

63 days until I have the following books read:
  • Harry Potter 4 re-reading and almost done
  • Harry Potter 5 to re-read
  • Harry Potter 6 to re-read
  • Harry Potter 7 to re-read
  • Eat Pray Love - already started
All of that on top of the at least 10 books I am going to be reading for my english senior seminar and british literature classes this semester...

Think I'm crazy I can do it?

It's a lofty goal, but I wanted to re-read all of the Harry Potter books before the 7th movie - 1st half - comes out November 19th, and I also wanted to see if Eat Pray Love lives up to all of the hype. :)

PLUS, I wanted to make sure that I am reading books for myself this school year. Because at the end of last year I realized right before the wedding that the only book I had read for myself in the previous 10 months was Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" - in October. Sad. Truly SAD.

To keep this goal, I must avoid all Barnes and Nobles, Bookstores, and the bookstore aisle in Costco. These tend to sidetrack me from what I am currently reading, and this is how I ended up with the un-read "bookshelf" which now spans SEVERAL shelves of our bookcases. See, I find a great book, and I really do intend to read it....but then inevitably I get busy and there the book goes to wait on the shelf.

So sorry Books. I will get to you someday... And I promise to TRY not to bring you home friends anytime soon...

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  1. Love the Christmas countdown! Also, let me know how that British Literature class goes. I tend to like British authors... ;-)