Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Summer Yoga Adventure

I can't say for how many months I have be ardently researching yoga studios around the Sacramento area. I always say I am going to try a few until I find the right one. Because anyone who's ever really done yoga knows that the classes at the gym just don't cut it. It isn't the same as the calming feeling you get from an actual yoga studio. Don't get me wrong, I love 24 hour fitness for all of the other classes I take there, the atmosphere is just not conducive to the calming balance I get from taking a real yoga class. And I think I need some yoga to balance out the super high impact workouts that I do the rest of the week. I'm sure my knees will appreciate it.

There is the other issue of yoga classes at studios tending to run on the very pricey I have decided to partake in a yoga adventure this summer. I plan to try several studios and their "new student offers" and then blog about how I felt about each one. My list also includes a few Bikram hot yoga studios, which I have never tried before. We'll see how that goes...:)

I am hoping that this adventure will lead me to find a yoga studio that I really like and click with. To achieve this though, I need to find one that:

One, has a decent range of hours – since my schedule is crazy.

Two, that fits in my budget, at least somewhat.

Three, is in close vicinity to my work and/or house because I know if it's too far away, I just won't go.

And four, one that has teachers I click with.

It's a tall order, I know, but I am hoping one of the following will end up fitting the bill.

Arden Hot Yoga – I got a LivingSocial deal for here that was only $20 for one month unlimited classes!

One Flow Yoga - $7 for 7 days – interesting because I don't think they play traditional yoga music during their classes.

Yoga Loka - $25 for 10 Days → Near my work and I am drawn to their later evening classes

Sacramento Bikram Yoga - $40 for 30 days → Near work, and another hot yoga place to try

Zuda Yoga - $10 for 10 days → This one is actually out of my vicinity a bit, but I've heard really good things about it.

Lotus Garden Meditation Center $14 for 14 days – This one looks like it is a beautiful location that also offers free meditation classes.

So there are my six studios. I am not sure of what order I will try them in, but hope to start next week. Sacramento friends, please let me know if there is some amazing studio that I have forgotten!

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